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About CEO Development Programs: Frequently Asked Questions

Do CEOs really need a development program? The task of a CEO is to manage the company. They have to deal with all sorts of work. They will have to handle their managerial role as well as the role of a leader. When you have to do so many things you will obviously have shortcomings in some parts. A development program is meant to help you overcome those shortcomings. No matter how talented you are, at the end of the day, we are all humans and humans do have defects. What type of development program CEO needs? According to me the most important task of a CEO is conflict resolution. As a CEO you will have to deal with lots of people. When you receive a report on your table, it has the power to make someone happy and at the same time make his peers unhappy. Your work as a CEO is to provide your employee with a harmonic environment to work. The CEO peer advisory group can help you identify your shortcomings. Who is responsible for CEO development program? Gener