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Know How to Choose a CEO Group Advisor

Introduction: The most important duty of a CEO is to take the company’s status from ‘good’ to ‘great’. However, one individual cannot manage all the official dealings of the company. So, for this, the CEO must coordinate and work together with a  CEO advisory group.  When everyone comes together with their brainstormed ideas and puts them into practice, within no time, the company would attain great success. Choosing a CEO Advisory Group: The capability of a CEO advisory group can be known by seeing its attendance rate. As we all know, most businessmen have less free time. So, you can’t expect a high attendance rate, but choose the group that has an effective attendance rate compared to others. Only then, you can ensure that your issues can be discussed as early as possible. The other thing you need to do before choosing a  CEO peer advisory group is to test the group. Try to sit in one of the group’s meetings and observe how the members are interacting with one another. From this, you