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About CEO Coaches and CEO Coaching - What Are They?

  First, we start with the fundamental question of what ceo advisory group exactly is. To put it simply, it is employing a coach for the CEO of a company who will act as her or her mentor, advisor, guide, and even armchair therapist if needed. CEO coaches work closely with the CEO, and ultimately their task is to meet goals and help in the CEO's professional and perhaps personal development depending on the terms of their partnership. While most CEOs do not employ coaches, studies have shown that they are all receptive to the idea of it. Big names like Jeff Bezos and Larry Page have used CEO coaches, and in general, coaching has been proven to yield positive results. So what results precisely, one might ask? Well, the primary duty of a coach is to help their mentee become a better CEO. As mentioned before, this entails setting goals and ensuring the fruitful development due to the  CEO training program .  Importantly, a coach does not just work with the CEO but also interacts wit