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Few Tips for a CEO to Delegate Responsibilities

  CEO or Chief Executing Officer of a business has the sole responsibility to make the employees finish any work given to them. The CEO and the advisor group (CEO) have some other task as well like deciding the course of growth for the company or building up the vision for the company. For these entire targets, the employee should work in coordination and finish the tasks on time. The problem begins when employees are not in coordination or in a continuous fight with one another. Sometimes they could find themselves in complete confusion with the work delegated, but as we say if there is a will, there is a way. The CEO or CEO peer advisory groups can follow these tips for delegating the work effectively. The task should be related to the talent/strength of the employee - Many a times it happens that a work assigned to the individual has nothing to do his/her potential, abilities and talent. This makes the individual totally frustrated, irritated and left them in utter confusio