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Know How to Choose a CEO Coach or CEO Advisory Group

  A Stanford Study on CEO coaching shows that not many CEOs opt for coaching but would like to have the opportunity. The study is being conducted by Stanford on coaching, and many CEOs want to be coached. This proves that advisor group ceo has become legitimate. CEOs and people who are aspiring to become CEOs or leaders have started recognizing the need of being coached to excel in their respective fields. The downside of all this is that, since CEO peer advisory groups are getting popular, many are claiming to be a coach. Here are some tips which you can follow to find yourself the best coach out there. 1.  Has great clarity about the process Walking you through the process will be a piece of cake for a trained coach. Your current position, defining your core challenges, and where you want to go in life are part of the process. A good CEO advisor will explain how you can acquire the required skills and provide you with enough support to apply those skills at you