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Significance of Being a Coach to Group of CEO

Being a CEO advisor today has its merits. At an executive level, people do not obtain any advice or coaching and it has been observed, many of the leadership actually could use this coaching. They even express the want for it. Being a CEO is a very prestigious thing, it is a high position. Once you are up there, you are treated as a model employee who is looked up to. People seldom forget that these CEOs’ too are human beings and they have their blind spots. They can make mistakes and they too, should always be encouraged to keep learning. Often, gaining new perspectives helps people who work at this level to gain new insights. They can approach problems differently and improve their performance drastically. CEO coaching is no longer treated as a remedy for an issue, it is rather a competency enhancing effort. The difference an advisory group CEO can make: All professionals have a coach. From sportsmen to public figures, everyone needs someone to bring them ba